Thistlemist Farm


From the garden to the kitchen

Homemade produce, prepared, cooked, packed and labeled lovingly in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We are here to provide you with healthy hassle free food solutions.


Serves 2-4, 700g and are suitable for vegetarians and gluten free (unless otherwise indicated).

Where the *LF* symbol is displayed, these products are low fat and sugar free.

Carrot, parsnip & apple soup

A firm family favourite. The earthy parsnip combined wit the fruity apple make this soup a clear taste sensation!


Country vegetable soup

If it’s comfort in a bowl of soup you are seeking...then this is the perfect soup for you.


Patatas Bravas soup

My most popular soup, and even my favourite! With potato, tomato, smoked paprika and can you say no?


Peppery pea & lentil soup *LF*

This soup maybe low in fat, but it’s high, high, HIGH in taste! Making this soup both nutritious & delicious.


Cabbage soup diet (aka Kickin’ vegetable soup) *LF* Includes 7 x 700g soup pouches

This is a seven day course of soups taken from the famous ‘cabbage soup diet’. Medical staff have been advising this specific diet for years to patients who need to loose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. The diet claims to help you lose 10lbs of weight in 7 days. Of course I cannot guarentee the weight loss but what I can guarentee is a professionally made - delicious soup and a personal copy of the diet instructions to get you started in your weight loss programme.


Cooking Sauces

Serves 4, 400g and are suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

Spiced mango sauce

Perfect with stir fried chicken & vegetables tossed through penne pasta....or if you are feeling really daring, swap the chicken for crab meat. Delish.


Thai apple sauce

A highly popular sauce that I most enjoy with king prawns, stir fry vegetables and rice noodles.


Roast vegetable sauce

Why not give your meatballs and spaghetti a lift with this wonderful Mediterranean sauce?



100g, gluten free, suitable for vegans.

Mediterranean vegetable pesto

This is a pesto with a difference! Made from fresh basil, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds with roast aubergine, courgette, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes and garlic - it is quite simply AWESOME!!!


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